Kevlar Batteries in your Gadgets

Kevlar Fiber

Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a lithium-ion battery from Kevlar fibers.

Using Kevlar not only prevents fires but can store more power in the same space as traditional lithium-ion batteries or make them smaller for the same amount of power.

Kevlar is best known as the stuff in bulletproof vests and also is used as a heat-resistant material. However the Michigan scientist came up with a novel way to create (using the Kevlar fibers) a thin membrane with holes just large enough to allow lithium ion’s through to create a charge.

These holes are small enough to stop the atoms sticking together which prevents the creation of what are called dendrites. When dendrites become too long they can poke through the membrane and reach an electrode on the other end which can short out traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Another benefit of using Kevlar based batteries is that it’s flexible making it ideal for wearable technology like smart watches or head gear.

30 unnamed companies have already requested samples of the new Kevlar batteries which mean it should come to devices in the near future. The new Kevlar based lithium-ion batteries are expected to be in mass production by the end of 2016.

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