Latest wave of Cyber-attacks on British Airways

British Airways Airbus A380

A series of cyber-attacks has now hit British Airways, the car pick up service says that they have not found any evidence which may suggest that there was a breach but several Uber customers have said that their accounts are hacked. British Airways is facing a lot of criticism for their reaction on the subject.

Some of their users say that someone else is using their account and are booking hotel rooms in various countries. Some people are also complaining that their credit card statement shows “ex-gratia” deductions and this had cleaned their credit out of funds.

British Airways say that only a fraction of their frequent flyers were affected, they also said that the attack seems to have generated through a third party and the information was taken from somewhere else through an automated response for the purpose of gaining access to certain accounts.

British Airways is trying to reassure their customers and are saying that they are not aware of any third party having access to their customers’ accounts, this includes card details and travel history.

Many security experts think that criminals took advantage of a phishing scam and got the login details. GitHub, the San Francisco based company experienced a DDoS which was the biggest on in the history. Experts say that this is some new technique and is very sophisticated; these hackers take advantage of unsuspecting people through their browsers. Many people have posted similar stories on Twitter and Facebook and are confused and scared on how easily someone can hack their information.

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