China Accused of Premeditated Cyber Attacks

China Hacker: Cyber Attack

China is being accused of launching cyber-attacks on companies, government agencies, companies and journalists from all around the world. Recently, Intel was restricted by the United States government to not send its Xeon chips which were used in China’s Supercomputer.

FireEye’s APAC CTO Bryce Boland says that they have yet to find evidence that the cyber-attacks lead to the Chinese government but there are signs that shows China might be involved.

FireEye has several pieces of evidence during their research and they are pointing towards China. The targets have information that is important for the Chinese government; the reason is intelligence about regional, political, economic and military issues.

There is a possibility that the attacks were not an act of the state but it also could other professionals who are private and have their own agendas. Private organizations also sell secrets to government by stealing them from one country and selling it to the other.

But it is hard to find any evidence of this but regardless of the one doing it, experts agree that that skills and the scale of these attacks made it stand out.

In all, there were 200 different types of malware detected by FireFye, they also concluded that it was a great effort that these attacks were undetected for a long period of time and there might be more that have not been discovered yet. FireFye is trying to find out the infrastructure of these attacks and conclude that the infrastructure may have been the same.

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