Wikileaks Publishes Sony Documents from Recent Cyber Attack

Wikileaks releases Sony Emails and Documents

Wikileaks has published the emails and document from the famous Sony cyber-attack incident which happened last year. The archives that have been published, contain the conversations between Sony and Downing Street, additionally, conversations with Hollywood figures are also included.

Sony entertainment underwent a cyber-attack before releasing the comedy film The Interview. The film was criticized by the North Korean government. Sony is angered by the release by Wikileaks and they say that they disagree with what Wikileaks believe. Wikileaks believe that this information belongs to the public and that they have the right to know the truth. Sony on the other hand says that is was private information and should have been shared.

The Wikileaks has included more than 170,000 emails and over 20,000 documents. That will take some reading, the hack was done in November and after that, an unknown person or organization uploaded the documents online but the documents could not be easily searched on the internet.

Julian Assange, the founder of the website, vindicated the publication by saying that the discussion is the focus of a geo-political conflict and is also the inner workings of a large company.

When Sony was about the release the film “The Interview” which was a comedy film featuring Seth Rogan. The film was based on an American plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

North Korea supports the notion of the attack and they think that attack was righteous. They also said that Sony got what they deserved.

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