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Latest WhatsApp Emoji bug found in Android

WhatsApp is adding many changes day by day. For example, it has added blue ticks to check the readability of messages sent. But recently, users who have updated the latest version, experienced a little WhatsApp Emoji bug. The Whatsapp Number 6 bug causes the emoji’s for number 6 to display the number 5 instead.

Try out the WhatsApp Emoji bug

If you own an Android device, you can try out the bug yourself. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android device.
  • Open an existing or a new chat window.
  • Then, touch in the typing area.
  • On your keyboard, go to Emoji’s.
  • Go to the last section of numbers and symbols.
  • Choose number ‘6’ from the first row.
Screenshot of Emoji Bug
Screenshot of Emoji Bug

What you see? No number 6? That is exactly what the bug does. It prevents the users from sending the number 6 emoji.

How to type keycap 6 until the Whatsapp bug is fixed?

Although this bug is found in some devices, but if yours is the one with this bug, then you can use the following trick to type keycap 6:

  • Copy the following character  6⃣ :


  • Now, go to any chat screen and paste.
  • And, it is done.

Now you can use with the above trick, Keycap 6 until the WhatsApp Emoji bug is fixed.

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