Logi Blok: Logitech’s First Logi Branded iPad Case Debuts

Last week Logitech revamped its logo, and now Logi Blok: Logitech’s first Logi branded iPad case debuts. The Swiss company has been making tech accessories for the past many years and its first product after rebranding is an iPad case in which they are having expertise.

The Logi Blok family of cases will be coming for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini and are reportedly very durable with rugged designs. The Logi Blok cases also come with a screen protector that protects the screen from scratches. The cases will be coming in red, black, violet, blue and teal.

How Logi Blok will protect your iPads?

Small rubber structures form ridges around the iPad, and when the device falls to the concrete with the Logi Blok case that rubber expands to fill in the gaps. It also cushions the iPad and slows down the acceleration, thus preventing your $600+ tablet from any damage. Logi claims that if the device in the case is dropped, it can withstand impacts from a maximum height of six feet without any damage.

Logitech’s First Logi Branded iPad Case will come in three different types

1. A protective shell that will cost around $39.99.
2. A folio-like case that will cost around $69.99.
3. A folio with a keyboard included will cost around $120.

Both the Logi Blok folio cases will come with an adjustable multi-angle stand that will help in keeping the iPad fixed for a comfortable viewing angle within a range of 50 degrees. Since keyboards are Logitech’s traditional calling card, Blok’s keyboard is designed so that it can be powered for four years off of two coin cell batteries if used for two hours daily. In future we can expect more products from Logitech with new branding.

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