Microsoft Announced Some Features of Its Windows 10

Microsoft Announced Some Features of Its Windows 10

People are very excited to hear the good news of Microsoft. Do you want to know what this news is all about? It is the features of Microsoft Windows 10 build 10074.

Just this Wednesday, the firm already announced some of its features during a conference held in San Francisco, California. Considering their announcement, it can easily be noticed that this tech giant company has made few changes and enhancement to Windows.

The firm still focuses on improving the features and design of Windows 10 to bring even better version of it in the future. As what is stated on user feedback, Microsoft Corporation has made a promise that the firm will be working on more alterations and improvements.

Also, the firm is planning to make the Aero Glass elements resurface. They also plan to include some improvements in Continuum, Cortana, multi-tasking and several apps update. They think these will be great additions and improvements to the new user interface.

The company is also bringing a much simpler taskbar while upgrading its Continuum. There will also be tighter Start’s integration as Cortana has been improved virtually. Aside from the ones stated here, there are still more changes that we should look forward to from the brand new Microsoft Windows 10. Many fans of the user interface are now very thrilled to experience it.

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