Google: To Expand Its Operations in the City of Ann Arbor

Google: To Expand Its Operations in the City of Ann Arbor

Google, known to be the biggest internet giant today, plans to have a major and big expansion of its operation in Ann Arbor. Also, the firm has a plan to have their brand new facility that will be located near the North Campus of University of Michigan.

It was just last Friday that the internet giant announced the confirmation of their plan to move their current operations to the new facility in the north side from the downtown of Ann Arbor.

According to Mike Miller, who is the head in the Ann Arbor officer of Google, the company has had a great base in the downtown of Ann Arbor since the year 2006 until now. He also stated how thrilled the team is to continue growing there. He said that the plan of making a new facility in the north side made them really excited. Also, he said that the Google team is looking forward to be with and to get to know their neighborhood in the north side.

The new facility is the step of Google to expand the company’s workforce in a great entrepreneurial hub. According to Paul Krutko, who is the CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK’s economic development group, it is a positive thing to know that Google has had a good experience in Ann Arbor and that they are interested in growing the city.

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