Mozilla launched Firefox 40 for Windows 10 and other OS

Windows 10 arrived with the new browser Edge, which promises to be faster than the main competitors in this market. Last month, Mozilla CEO accused Microsoft of Windows 10 Browser Defaults in an open letter to Satya Nadella. But, now Mozilla has launched Firefox 40 for Windows 10 and other OS including Linux, Mac and Android.

Firefox 40 for Windows 10 and other OS will come with an additional layer of security that promises to protect users from downloading malicious software. Windows 10 users will note that there will be bigger and bolder design elements and more space to view web pages. The company has also issued the necessary instructions to make Firefox the default browser in Windows 10.

Firefox 40 for Windows 10

Mozilla explained in a blog post regarding the add-ons in Firefox 40 for Windows 10:

“In future releases of Firefox, any third-party add-on that has not been certified will be disabled by default. Today, you will start seeing warnings next to unsigned add-ons in Firefox, but no add-ons will be automatically disabled. These warnings will inform you about add-ons that have not been certified by Mozilla and we’re working with add-on developers to help them meet our standards and make add-ons safer for you.”

Firefox 40 for Android has fixed many bugs, improved the performance and added some new features. Like to bring up the history list, users can now long-press on the back and forward navigation buttons.

Some of the bugs fixed in the latest browser for Android include less memory usage by JPEG images and protection against the unwanted software downloads. If users don’t want to give Google the data regarding their downloaded files, an option has been detailed to turn off the feature.

Firefox 40 for Windows 10 can be downloaded from the official website, while Android version can be downloaded via Google Play store.

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