New Study says that Cyber-Stalkers are Addicts

Cyber Stalking & Internet Addiction

A new study has revealed that most internet based stalkers may be internet addicts who have low interpersonal skills and are not in touch with other people.

The National Center for Cyberstalking Research says that these Cyber-stalkers fail to establish relationships; therefore they concentrate on virtual people. Psychologist Dr Short, one of the co-authors of the research, says that internet addiction can lead to cyber-stalking and is also an evidence of the failure of the subject to maintain relationships in the real world.

Experts say that if people spend too much time online, that will affect their ability to maintain their real relationships as all of their relationships become online. This element can seriously damage people psychologically.

Stalking is becoming very common said Kristiana Wrixon, manager of the National Stalking Helpline, she also said that it’s a sinister act and a lot of myths around it needs to be dispelled.

Many victims who contact the National Stalking Helpline say that they are unable to seek help because people laugh at them and call them being melodramatic or completely dismiss their issue. That is why stalking is becoming an even serious issue than before.

Victims suffer a lot of emotional distress because most are not confident in seeking help early; the stress of being murdered or assaulted makes them experience psychological suffering. This also includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The most difficult part for a victim is to come forward but currently, the society has made it worse for the victim to come forward with their problem.

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