Now buy Pebble Time Smartwatch from Best Buy and other retail stores

It has now been five months since Pebble started taking pre-orders for its Pebble Time smartwatch on Kickstarter. In the past one month it has also started taking orders from anyone on its website, and finally it is moving on to retail availability. Last week, Pebble revealed that all the devices will be shipped by the August end and we can expect to see the smartwatch in stores soon after that.

Some Pros and Cons of buying Pebble Time Smartwatch:

If we compare Pebble Time Smartwatch with others, it has 1.25-inch screen with an e-ink display which is quite small and it might be hard to read the small text. Also the backlight of the watch is pretty dim. But, it uses a transflective screen which reflects light and making the text readable even in brighter light. Due to the display the watch is using, the battery will last for 7 days.

Pebble Time Smartwatch also displays notifications from your smartphone and provides easy access to your calendar and tiny apps. The best part about the watch is that it works with both Android and iOS. There are four buttons to scroll and select different things. Smartwatch also has a microphone so that you can send voice replies. The company claims that the watch is water resistance up to 30 meters, so that you can take it with you in the shower, or on a swim.

Pebble Time Smartwatch will now be available to everyone, particularly to those in the United States. The Pebble has opened sales for the watch on its own website for anyone in the world to buy. Starting from August 17, Target and Best Buy will offer the smartwatches both online and in outlets to the people living in the US. It will be available in White, Black and Red color options, and will cost nearly $199.

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