Now click a selfie with the new selfie spoon

Today taking a selfie has become an obsession for many youngsters. If you are one of them and want to click a selfie even while eating breakfast, the new selfie spoon will do that for you.

new selfie spoon
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It may sound a bit weird to take selfie while eating, but for selfie lovers it is a boon.

According to a report by TIME, Cinnamon Toast Crunch has released the new selfie spoon. It is actually a stick with a spoon at the other end and can extend up to 30 inches so that you can take selfie even while eating breakfast.
According to the advertisement, the General Mills brand created this new spin on the selfie stick to solve the problem of “choosing between eating and posting” a selfie.

Using the new selfie spoon is very easy; you just have to turn on the Bluetooth feature on your smartphones so that the white remote can be recognized. If you want to take photos on Android phones, there is a separate grey button for that. If you want to take photos on iOS devices, there is a separate button for that.

If you are interested in the new selfie spoon, you can order it now for free on, though you’ll have to pay for shipping charges. It is available only in one color.

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