Protect Your Children: Even Baby Monitors Are Vulnerable To Hackers

All the parents in the world want to protect their child from the problems and they work all day and night to give them a better future. They buy different gadgets for their convenience to keep an eye on their children like baby monitors. According to a recent report by Rapid7, a cybersecurity company, even baby monitors are vulnerable to hackers.

In recent years, there have been many disturbing reports in which hackers hijack baby monitors and become a cause of perpetual fear among babies. But these incidents haven’t affected the manufacturers of such devices.

Baby monitors are vulnerable to hackers proved by Rapid7:

Yesterday, the research conducted by Rapid7 was released, which analyzed a range of products streaming videos of babies in their cradle over to screens monitored by parents or caregivers. The cybersecurity firm discovered that seven of the devices had bugs that could let hackers hijack their video feeds and even take complete control of the devices.

baby monitors are vulnerable to hackers

The researchers of Rapid7 discovered hidden and hard-coded credentials, which provide remote access over services like Telnet or SSH; unencrypted video feeds to the smartphones; unprotected API keys and credentials and some other flaws.

Advice to parents:

After reading that even baby monitors are vulnerable to hackers, parents should take some steps to protect their babies from being spied. They should keep the software of such devices up-to-date at all times and change any default passwords. If the device is not being used, parents should consider unplugging the device to protect it from hackers.

Rapid7 has found 10 new vulnerabilities for video baby monitors and if you are interested you can read the full report on their website. You can check in the report if your baby monitors are vulnerable to hackers or not.

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