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Rock Band 4 on Xbox One will cost more, but Why?

Harmonix has announced that pre-orders of Rock Band 4 have become available at participating retailers. But, Rock Band 4 on Xbox One is costlier than the PS4 edition due to some controller issues. Xbox users might think that it is unfair, but they have to live with it.

Rock Band 4 on Xbox One
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Harmonix explained the pricing difference between Rock Band 4 on Xbox One and PS4 edition:

According to Harmonix, the PS4 standalone package costs USD$60 while the Xbox One edition costs USD$80. Rock Band 4 on Xbox One is costly because of the console form obliging a “legacy diversion controller connector,” which will let players utilize their present Xbox 360 instruments. The developers also said that the PS4 does not require any adapters because older PlayStation instruments will work with the PS4.

Harmonix has also unleashed a chart, which will help you to see if your old instruments will work with Rock Band 4 or not (These details are not yet finalized). If you are a Rock Band fan, I don’t think the price issue will stop you from picking up the game.

Harmonix also revealed another set of tracks which are added in Rock Band 4 along with the preorder information. The new tracks added, includes songs from Arctic Monkeys, Cake (“Short Skirt/Long Jacket”), Soundgarden and Mega Man-inspired concept band The Protomen (“Light Up The Night”).

Rock Band 4 on Xbox One
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Rock Band 4 on Xbox One will come with an adapter supporting legacy game controllers, which means existing Xbox 360 drum sets and guitars will be compatible on day one. If you are new to the series and buy one of the bundles including the game as well as the instruments, the pricing will be identical. Nearly, USD$250 will get you a drum set, guitar, mic and the game, regardless of the platform you are playing on (Xbox One or PS4.)

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