Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The Trending Smartphone of Today’s Era

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The Trending Smartphone of Today’s Era

Samsung is one of the world’s leading company when it comes to smartphones. Just recently, the company released its latest and flagship model. It is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Unlike the normal models released by Samsung, the Galax S6 comes in two varieties. The first one is the Vanilla S6, which is the one that sports the traditional flat screen, and the S6 Edge, which is the device that features its inspirational turns.

It is reported that Samsung is about to bring the third production line up for the purpose of speeding the creation of more curved screens for S6 Edge. According to Bloomberg Business, they believe that this will really help the production of this brand new smartphone to increase from two million to as much as five million for every single month.

With this information, it is anticipated that the sales of S6 Edge outnumbered the sales of Vanilla S6 when all the numbers are summed up at the end of the year 2015. This might be a good news for Samsung though.

Though some people already find the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as the perfect device, it is a fact that S6 Edge is not yet close to what we call perfection. There are still a lot of rooms to improve though. There are still a lot of functions and buttons that might be added. However, S6 Edge is undeniably amazing!

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