Samsung unleashed SmartThings home hub to make your home smarter

Samsung unleashed SmartThings home hub, which is a new smart home system promising to let you automate, control and monitor your sweet home from wherever you want.

This system is based on technology developed by SmartThings, a startup acquired by Samsung in August 2014. Users can control various appliances, which are connected to sensors with central hub, through SmartThings mobile app.

You can also see a continuous live-stream of video through the app, but the video isn’t sent through the company’s servers, and is only recorded in the event of any activity.

Samsung unleashed SmartThings home hub
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Samsung unleashed SmartThings home hub and Alex Hawkinson, CEO and founder of SmartThings, said regarding it:

“We see home security as the biggest starting point, by far, for the smart home. Before SmartThings was easy for early adopters, but I think now we’re mass market easy.”

SmartThings home hub will come with its own power backup that can last for 10 hours, so that it can continue to work in case of power failures. The interactions between the hub and the connected appliances are processed locally instead of the cloud because it comes with its own processor.

Samsung unleashed SmartThings home hub, which will work with a range of SmartThings-branded devices along with other products from Samsung and accessories from Aeon, Bose, Honeywell, LIFX, Philips and some others.

For a more intuitive experience, the SmartThings mobile app has been redesigned for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; thus making it a system with the support of cross-platforms.

Samsung unleashed SmartThings home hub and is available for $99 from today. Compatible sensors ranging from $30 to $50 are available like the motion sensors, outlet switches and moisture sensors. To extend the presence of retails outside the US, SmartThings  is using its new parent company, beginning from the UK.

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