Soon You Will See Add To Slack Button On Your Favorite Apps And Websites

Earlier there were problems in sharing custom apps for Slack users. But now, the company is getting over its problems and took the step to make it easier for you to share by bringing the Add to Slack Button.

According to the announcement by Slack in its blog post, you will soon see Add to Slack button on your favorite apps and sites. This button lets users share content or post in Slack, without leaving the other apps or websites. If you will click on the button, it will take you to an authentication page where you can select Slack team with which you would like to integrate the service, and which channel the service will report to.

Add To Slack Button
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Yesterday, Slack team wrote in a blog post regarding Add to Slack button:

“But to date there has been a problem sharing custom apps for Slack–getting a copy of someone’s code, spinning up a server, and configuring incoming and outgoing webhooks is tedious and a lot of work.”

Google Calendar integration added:

Slack users are also given the option to use the Google Calendar integration to set reminders of events and then send and receive daily or weekly digests of these reminders (depending on the user’s preference.)

Already, various third-party apps have added the Add to Slack button to their sites, including InVision, Nuzzel and cloud storage service Box. Slack claims that it has surpassed over 1 million daily active users and more than 300,000 paying users. For instance, Box integration with Slack, lets Box users share a link to a file.

The company is also releasing documentation on the new button, which will let outside developers incorporate the button into their websites and apps.

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