Super Bowl 2016 predictions: Panthers vs. Broncos

Super Bowl 2016 Predictions
Super Bowl 2016 Predictions

The biggest game of the year is right around the corner. Here are our Super Bowl 2016 predictions.

The Carolina Panthers high scoring offense vs. the Denver Broncos timid offense. The old veteran quarterback Peyton Manning against the young prolific Cam Newton. The Denver Broncos need a quick improvement with their offensive power ranking to keep pace in this game. They also turned the ball over far too many times this past season. With time running out Denver may have too solely rely on their defense to win the big game. The Broncos defense showed up against New England to win the AFC Championship. The Defense will need a repeat performance against the Panthers.

The Panthers offense ended the regular season with the number one offense in the NFL. They also finished the season 15-1. Six other teams have accomplished the same record. Only three of the six ever made it to the Super Bowl. Cam Newton is playing on a MVP level, and is coming off his best season in his young career. The Panther offense is clicking at the right time. The defense of the Panthers has been showing weakness in the later parts of their recent playoff games. This could come to haunt them against the field general.

Other factors that help us reach our Super Bowl 2016 predictions is weather conditions, injury reports, turnovers, and finally coaching. The weather shouldn’t play a factor in sunny California at Levis Stadium unless it rains. Our prediction for a clear sunny day would have to go with the Panthers. Any other weather conditions go to the Broncos, and their defense. The best part about a two week break before the big game is players get time to heal. All the players get a well-deserved break after a long grueling season. Going head to head are two excellent seasoned coaches who have been around the NFL for a long time. Ron Rivera, and Gary Kubiak will lead their teams, and prove to the world why they are the NFL’s top coaches. This one is a toss-up with Rivera leading this decision with his great 2015 season.

During our Super Bowl 2016 predictions process we briefly glanced at home field advantage, if there is any. The home field advantage would have to lean towards the Broncos. The kicking game will come down to Graham Gano and Brandon McManus. Head to head they are both rock solid kickers with no edge going to either team.

The Super Bowl is magical. Any team could come away with the victory. Both the Broncos, and the Panthers are really good. With millions of viewers gathering around their TV sets this game should be close. Both of the teams deserve the recognition to be playing. The teams have worked hard to get to the big game. Is this Manning’s last hurrah, or the just the beginning for the young Newton? Truth be told this game will not disappoint. Who will come out the victor? The old warrior vs. the new millennial? Super Bowl 50 in the bay should be another spectacular game.

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