The Future Of Smart Phone P2P Technology Is Here!

Earth has now become the planet of the smartphones and it is impacting our day-to-day life in some amazing ways. Smart phones have also become the fastest-selling gadgets in history, surpassing the growth of the simple mobile phones that preceded them.

There are over billion smarphone users worldwide and millions of apps are available across Apple and Google’s digital marketplaces. Smartphones are poised to reshape entire industries, enrich our lives, and transform societies.

Now, the latest revolutionary P2P Technology by UEPAA can redefine how millions of smart phone users discover each other. The company has unleashed its p2pkit SDK that can help developers integrate proximity-based features into their mobile apps (Android or iOS).

We have seen an increasing interest in location-based technology in the last two years, as big tech giants seek new ways to improve customer engagement. The importance of this technology is evident in the recent M&A activity. In the last two years, there have been a total of 59 acquisitions in the mobility location sector, according to 451 Research’s M&A Knowledgebase.

The p2pkit SDK by Uepaa will directly compete with the search engine giant’s ‘Google Nearby’ and some other technologies that enable proximity-based services. The competitors also include Qualcomm’s LTE Direct and the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Aware standards.

The Swiss start-up company (UEPAA) has been identified as the leading provider of proximity technology by 451 Research due to its 1st mover advantage over Qualcomm and Google. Also, if we compare Uepaa’s p2pkit SDK with other solutions, it uses fewer resources and doesn’t require any internet or GPS connection. It runs continuously in the background without much affecting your battery.

How does the p2pkit SDK work?

Today, most of the shopping and social media apps make use of the discovery and location technology indirectly via the cloud, but it is an incompetent and a battery draining solution. Uepaa’s unique p2pkit take advantage of standard smartphone hardware such as WiFi and Bluetooth and let them discover each other and communicate directly (without any internet or GPS connection).

It has now enabled any developer to easily develop apps (Android or iOS) that understand their proximity to nearby devices and users, confirm their identity, and exchange information with them. This Smart Phone P2P Technology by the Swiss start-up can be really beneficial for the people concerned with marketing and promotions, social networking, mobile payments and gaming.

Why UEPAA p2pkit can be the future of Smart Phone P2P Technology?

Dynamic content exchange: P2pkit by UEPAA is not limited by connectivity – it can even exchange information in areas without connectivity.

Quick and reliable nearby discovery: It is not restricted to discovering only a few smart phones; it works at scale and even knows when peers leave.

Cross-platform support: It is not limited to any single platform and works on all major platforms and operating systems.

Uninterrupted and background-compatible: P2pkit SDK is not restricted to the foreground; the user’s experience doesn’t stop when the smart phone enters the pocket.

Battery-efficient: The Battery performance of the latest location-based technology by Swiss start-up is much better than the traditional technologies that rely on the internet or GPS positioning.

What can be the future applications of this latest P2P Technology?

You can easily discover your friends nearby you

There can be a dating app in the coming future that can notify you when your date is nearby you, or there can be a professional networking app that can connect you with the right people on the go.

Exchange with nearbys

P2pkit can let you seamlessly distribute content to nearby devices without any GPS or internet connection. Local businesses can use this to market their products or services in their proximity.

Authenticate nearbys

If you have a delivery service or you sell an item online, proximity authentication can be useful for you to verify whether the individual in front of you really is who he says or not.

Well, there are endless opportunities with the latest Smart Phone P2P Technology by Uepaa and with their latest P2pkit they have given developers a new strong tool. It is up to developers how they can use this tool to make future applications for our phones that can be beneficial for us. Currently, the company is offering 90-days free trial to test it out!

p2pkit – proximity is here! from Uepaa AG on Vimeo.

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