Top 3 Stories of Random Millionaires in Blackjack

Blackjack is a casino game that has been available for a very long time. Online casinos avail both the classic variation of the game and new mutations that have been created by software developing firms to give blackjack enthusiasts variety. The different variants of the game are available such as evolution blackjack games offered under the table games category and others are designed for the live casino segment of a site. When picking a variation to play, gamers need to have basic gameplay rules at their fingertips to make their gaming experience an immersive one.

Numerous people have won with blackjack, and their stories are available on the internet while others prefer to keep a low profile. Apart from online gambling sites, brick and mortar casinos have also produced a fair share of winners in the league of millions. Stories from big-time blackjack winners have pointers that players can use when playing.

Some of the strategies that have come up from these individuals include:

  • Card counting

Card counting is a strategy that most winners have in the past although it is deemed illegal by most gaming sites. The art of card counting can be learned over time and players can use games that are free or have low wager limits to practice on the skill. When playing live casino blackjack, players are placed at a point of an advantage since they can count their cards and decide on how to advance their gameplay.

  • Splitting

Gamers need to know which hands to split as dictated by the cards they hold and those of the live dealers that are showing. In most reviews, players are always advised to split aces and eights. Tens and sixes, on the other hand, are not to be divided.

  • Bonuses

When playing blackjack in a casino that offers incentives, gamers are always advised to take up the offer in the bid to increase their winning chances without spending a lot of their money.

  • Insurance

At some point in the gameplay, gamblers may be presented with an opportunity to take up insurance. It is advisable that players pass the coverage since it gives the casino an upper hand at the end of the day. No matter how good the deal is, players must always think twice before they take up insurance.

  • Limits

Gamblers need to know when to stop when playing blackjack. As much as this strategy is not directly related to gameplay and winning, it is essential for players who may encounter consecutive losses.

Top Three Stories

There are many blackjack millionaires on the internet. Below are the top three stories from the history of players who have been able to earn millions while playing this game.

  • Don Johnson

This blackjack player took the gambling world by surprise for his gains from playing this casino game. From December 2010 to April 2011, Don was able to win a sum of fifteen million dollars. He won in three casinos across Atlantic City. His first win was slightly above four million, and the next was a few hundred dollars’ shy of one million. He later won one million, eight hundred thousand dollars, closely followed by over two million dollars and the last win he got that was in the tune of millions was five million, eight hundred thousand.

During his interviews, Don Johnson said that he did not use any strategy to influence his wins. He claims to have followed the house rules and kept playing more which gave him more chances to win. Other reports claim that he negotiated with the gaming sites to get a discount on the losses that he had made and this kept him going.

  • Ken Uston

Ken Uston is a name to reckon with in the blackjack world. This player was able to win a total of four million, five hundred thousand dollars playing blackjack. This was back in the years between 1975 and 1981. He was able to amass millions playing in various casinos across the United States. He is among blackjack millionaires who have owned up to using strategy to increase their possibilities of winning.

This Blackjack Hall of Fame player admitted having used approaches he borrowed from Beat the Dealer book that was written by Edward Thorp. He based his games on strategy rather than relying on pure luck. He analyzed the mathematical concepts that related directly to blackjack and memorized the necessary information. He is referred to as the creator of blackjack card counting teams. More information about the tactics used by this specific gamer is available on the internet. Although he did not play online, virtual players have a lot to borrow from him.

  • Manuel Ortiz

Playing at Maryland Live Casino, Manuel Ortiz was able to convert his stake of five dollars into a one million win. According to reports, the lucky winner was playing for about two hours when he landed his lucky streak. Although no actual dates are available on the internet, this player won the money in early 2018. He has not been to interviews yet, and little is known on whether he relied on a strategy to win if it was just his lucky day.

Reading the stories of blackjack millionaires is a way for virtual gamers to know about the successes they are privy to if they put their game in the game. Some of the players who have won a lot of money are not professional gamers, but they maximized on the resources they had at their disposal and were able to cash out significant amounts of money.

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