The Trendy Swatch Sistem51 is a traditional automatic watch challenging Apple Watch

Today is the world of smartwatch and no one is actually interested in buying a traditional automatic watch. After the launch of Apple watch and some Android watch, it seemed that no one will be interested in buying traditional watches ever, but Swiss watchmaker Swatch Sistem51 is trying to challenge that.

Jony Ive, Apple’s CDO, said the release of Apple Watch would mark the end for traditional watches. But, according to various reports, Swatch’s new watch could pose a serious threat to Apple’s and that they have already taken a step ahead in the competition due to its reasonable price.

Some features of Swatch’s latest watch:

Unlike most watches, which use quartz technology to mark the time, the Swatch Sistem51 is completely mechanical. It does not use batteries and is automatically recharged with arm movements of the wearer. This watch can last up to 90 hours on a single wind, which is 50 hours more than other mechanical watches. If we compare it with Apple Watch and other Android watches the difference is quite huge.

The Swatch Sistem51 got its name from the fact that it consists of only 51 components inside it. These components are distributed in five parts and affixed in place, all with a single screw. An automated escapement system is fit inside the watch that is regulated by a laser. This system makes sure that the mechanism inside the watch oscillates evenly so that it continues to keep its time in-sync.

Swatch Sistem51 is a simple, reliable, modest automatic wristwatch that does not come with any touchscreen or Bluetooth. The idea of the company is to give consumers access to a more artisanal aspect of a clock, but for a much more affordable price than usual for this market. The cost of the watch is only $150, which is half the cost of the cheapest Apple Watch.

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