TripIt Upgrades to iOS 10

Introduces TripIt for iMessage and Enhances Real-Time Flight Alerts to Save Travelers Time


SAN FRANCISCO, September 22, 2016 – TripIt® from Concur®, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, today announced substantial updates for iOS 10. These updates include the launch of TripIt for iMessage and enhancements to TripIt Pro’s flight alerts that leverage the rich notification features Apple made available in its latest release.

“The beauty of iOS 10 is that it opened up Apple’s platform allowing us to extend the benefits of TripIt beyond the app,” said Jen Moyse director of product for TripIt from Concur. “With this update, we created a seamless experience between TripIt and some of the core features that Apple fans already enjoy.”

TripIt Makes Sharing Travel Plans as Easy as Sending a Text 

With TripIt for iMessage, TripIt users can send flight information, hotel reservations, rental car details and other travel plans without leaving Messages. Travelers can share plans from their next two trips to easily keep family, friends and coworkers updated on travel plans.

“The next time someone messages you asking where you’re staying, you’ll be able to respond with your hotel information—without having to open another app. That’s a big deal when you’re busy and all you have time to do is shoot off a quick text,” continued Moyse.

In addition, TripIt also recently expanded how travelers can share plans from the TripIt app. Using the technology built into a user’s iPhone, TripIt allows users to send their plans through other apps they like to use. Travelers simply take a screenshot of their trip, or hand select the specific plans they’d like to share right from their trip itinerary, and the option to send those plans through compatible third-party apps will instantly pop up.

“We communicate in a variety of different ways. We text our friends and family, stay connected to former colleagues on one app and collaborate with coworkers on another. Traveling is one of those unique experiences where you need to share information with many different people, and having to switch back and forth between apps to stay in touch is just a hassle,” continued Moyse.

Real-Time Flight Alerts Get an Upgrade with iOS 10

For TripIt Pro users, select flight alerts have been enhanced to rich notifications—adding a new expanded view that shows a summary of the flight and the ability to react to the alert directly from the notification. Users can select from multiple options within their alert to check in for a flight, find a new flight if their flight has been delayed, and more. Travelers who have booked through a travel agency that participates in the TripIt for TMCs program will also be able to reach their travel agent if they need assistance, right from the alert

“Now you can react instantly to a change in your flight. As soon as you see your flight has been delayed, you can pull up the airport lounges near you, or even check to see if you can jump on a new flight. Often a quick reaction can be the difference between a small hiccup in your plans and a complete disruption,” continued Moyse.

Flight check-in, cancellation and delay alerts have been enhanced with this latest update to the TripIt app.

TripIt users with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch will be able to use TripIt for iMessage. A subscription to TripIt Pro ($49/year) is required to receive real-time flight alerts.

About TripIt

TripIt from Concur, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, instantly organizes all travel plans in one place.

Simply forward confirmation emails to and TripIt will create a master itinerary for each trip with all travel details in one place—for free. The premium service, TripIt Pro ($49/year), has all the organizing power of TripIt plus additional features that help members stay one step ahead while traveling. Real-time flight alerts, refund notifications, and the ability to track rewards points and miles are just a few of the additional benefits TripIt Pro members receive. Companies can extend TripIt Pro to their employees, while managing travel plans from every booking channel, with Concur TripLink; and provide their travelers with an easy way to reach their TMC if they need assistance during their trip with the TripIt for TMCs program. To learn more about how TripIt delights more than 13 million travelers worldwide, please visit us at, follow us @TripIt on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and watch us on YouTube.

About Concur      

Concur, an SAP company, imagines the way the world should work, offering cloud-based services that make it simple to manage travel and expenses. By connecting data, applications and people, Concur delivers an effortless experience and total transparency into spending wherever and whenever it happens. Concur services adapt to individual employee preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies from small to large, so they can focus on what matters most for their businesses. Learn more at or the Concur blog.


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