Will Apple Fuel Cell System Patent Solve Our Battery Life Issue?

The biggest problem for us in the smartphones and laptops is battery life. Most of the smartphones, including flagship phone also, battery hardly last for a day of medium to heavy usage. But with Apple fuel cell system patent, we may get a battery that could last for weeks.

Apple filed the patent for fuel cell system in March with the US Patent and Trademark Office and published on September 3. It describes a fuel cell system for the batteries of portable computing devices that could last for weeks without refuelling.

Some insights into Apple Fuel Cell System Patent:

The fuel cells are designed especially for portable charging, in which a person needs to carry a fuel cartridge that can recharge a smartphone or any other portable device. But the Cupertino-based Company visualizes fuel cells built directly into the electronics.

Apple Fuel Cell System Patent

The fuel cells generate electricity by combining fuels, such as hydrogen, with an oxidizing agent (oxygen or air.) This technology could one day replace batteries and it could also be used as a substitute for fossil fuels, like gas and oil.

According to Apple fuel cell system patent, there are many possible fuel sources, ranging from liquid hydrogen to lithium hydride and water mix. It also posits that a hydrogen fuel cell could “enable continued operation of portable electronic devices for days or even weeks without refuelling.”

This isn’t for the first time that the Cupertino-based Company filed a patent application for a fuel cell system; in 2011 also, Apple filed a similar application. But the question is: Will Apple fuel cell system patent solve our battery life issue? According to us, it will be extremely challenging for the engineers to build such portable, cost-effective hydrogen fuel cell systems. Share your views regarding it in the comments section below.

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