Hillary Clinton Hires Veteran Google Exec for Campaigns

Hillary Clinton Hires Veteran Google Exec for Campaigns

Long time Google executive has been hired by Hillary Clinton to become her chief technology officer to supervise her presidential campaign technology development as well as to discover and to build ways on how she can engage with potential voters, according to a source from the Democrats who has knowledge of the decision.

Stephanie Hannon has served Google for two decades and is the first woman to hold such title of becoming a chief technology officer for a major campaign. The officer will work with Clinton’s long time assistant, Katie Dowd, who is tasked to become the digital director of the campaign, as well as with Teddy Goff, who is an outside consultant helping in Clinton’s digital strategy and was also the campaign digital director during the campaign of Barack Obama in 2012.

Hannon has given emphasis to establishing tech tool for helping communities and people in terms of ways on how to respond to natural disasters as well as in sharing data about US election, such as candidates and ballot locations. She also helped in developing Google Maps and supervised its global reach.

She will work on the senior staff as well as supervise a development and engineering team in which outside consultants could be included. She will help in tool development, including app and websites for the former state secretary.

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