What does the Yahoo/ESL Gaming deal mean for the future of competitive gaming?

Earlier this month, ESL Gaming struck a deal with both Yahoo and Twitch to continue bringing competitive gaming to the masses across the globe. And while the Twitch deal has attracted plenty of attention due to their extended agreement, it’s the Yahoo deal that has raised eyebrows throughout the competition.

Ultimately, this shows just how far competitive gaming has come throughout the past few years. In addition, they’re also looking to help esports grow even further by broadcasting their first ever live stream on competitive gaming. And they’re not just broadcasting it in your bog-standard way, they’re using the same high-definition and top quality production used during the Buffalo Bills-Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game from Wembley Stadium last October.

Competitive gaming is almost certainly on the rise and most bookmakers now offer odds on major tournaments and events. Betway are just one of the leading bookies in this particular sector and you can find out more about esports betting here. The growth and development of technologies such as live streaming, vlogging and more has also helped contribute to the increase of gaming across the world.

With a company like Yahoo on board, esports will flourish and grow even further. In a way, the partnership will benefit both parties as Yahoo get on board with one of the fastest growing technological industries on the planet while ESL Gaming are able to work with a prestigious company as they seek to become one of the biggest companies around. Most importantly, they both have the same primary objective: to be successful and make profit.

Whether competitive gaming will have a relatively short life or not, this decision makes perfect sense and gives esports the greatest chance of maturing into a major player with the bookmakers. The gambling industry is one of the largest money spinners in the world and punters can keep up with the latest competitive gaming news via Betway’s website. If nothing else, competitive gaming will help to enhance other industries as well as its own.

However, the likelihood is that competitive gaming will continue to grow – especially as new technologies make their mark. Developers are now incredibly clever and can make this particular sector appealing to those who don’t even enjoy competitive gaming. Will the Yahoo deal help in the long run? Well, it certainly can’t hinder the chances of esports maturing into one of the top markets in the world. It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved in competitive gaming and if you’re not already, start now!

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