YouTube new mobile app released with creator tools and 3D, VR video will be launched soon

During a speech at the 6th annual Vidcon event, YouTube CEO announced the YouTube new mobile app. It is currently available on Android and mobile web browsers and will soon be launched for Apple users.

The YouTube new mobile app will make it easier for video creators to directly publish and edit the videos in the app. It will also make it easier for the viewers to subscribe a channel with just one button touch and if there will be ten million of those touches, channel owners will earn the new Diamond play button reward.

The YouTube new mobile app will put users subscriptions and profile at the top for easy access and also adds the ability to watch the vertical videos in full screen.

YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki said:

“Later this year we’re going to launch support for 360-degree videos in 3-D which is what will enable truly immersive virtual reality experiences. And we’re going to make sure all our Spaces are outfitted with the latest Jump cameras that capture 360-degree video in 3D in unprecedented quality.”

She also said “Total watch time is up over 60% year over year,” its fastest growth in the last two years.

YouTube released its first 360-degree video ad

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Yesterday, YouTube also released its first 360-degree video ad, which will enable the advertisers to explore a format developed for virtual reality content. The new ad format will allow YouTube users to tilt their mobile device or drag their mouse and view ads from all angles.

With the YouTube new mobile app, whenever a new video is uploaded by creators, it will not be buried in a slide-out drawer, rather fans will get notified instantly whenever their favorite creator posts a new video. The app is currently available only for Android users, but will soon be released for iOS users.

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