Get Ready For a Mini Vacation via 360-Degree Live Streaming Videos on YouTube

Your dream of going to a basketball game or a concert to feel those experiences firsthand has come true. All thanks to the 360-degree live streaming videos on YouTube, which you can enjoy now anywhere and anytime.

360-Degree Live Streaming Videos on YouTube
Virtual reality has become real.

The icing on the cake is YouTube is rolling it out just in time for Coachella music festival.

360-Degree Live Streaming Videos on YouTube – A Delight for YouTube Users

YouTube first launched support for 360-degree videos in March 2015. Since then, musicians, athletes, brands, creators and almost everyone have done some incredible things with this equally incredible technology.

YouTube’s Next Big Step

Now, with 360-degree live streaming is next big step, as they’ll be able to do many more things to bring their fans directly into their world.

Just check out this video, we’ve already become a fan of this amazing thing.

The Alphabet-owned company is also implementing spatial audio for on-demand YouTube videos, which will be a delight for the viewers. They’ll be able to hear the sounds as they do in real life to make them feel as if they’re immersed in the video.

Which will be the first video available in this cool format?

One of the first videos in this new format will be the Indio, California-based festival, from where a handful of performances will be streamed live in the 360-degree format.

YouTube worked with Two Big Ears and VideoStitch to make sure that all creators can tell awesome stories with virtual reality.

The channel will also make 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio technologies available at all YouTube Space locations around the globe.

What to expect?

360-degree live streaming and spatial audio technologies
Watching videos will become more fun.

With this 360-degree magic, explorers can deep-sea dive and travelers can experience faraway sites, without the physical constraints of the real world.

Rest, you’ll see yourself with Coachella music festival’s 360-degree live streaming videos.

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