Smarttress – The New High-Tech Detective

Beware, all cheats between the sheets. Because a new high-tech mattress, aptly named – Smarttress claims to detect hanky-panky. And then informs the owner via a mobile app.

Spanish mattress company Durmet, having failed at marketing its internet-connected mattress for babies, has come up with this adult-sized version. Its newest killer feature is a “Lover Detection System” that will buzz your phone when it detects a “suspicious” activity on YOUR bed.

How can a mattress behave like a Smarttress?

Smarttress - The revolutionary mattress
Smarttress – The revolutionary mattress.

Well, this revolutionary mattress is composed of 24 intelligent sensors that are capable of capturing the sexy moves of your partner.

Besides transmitting data of the tryst on your phone, it’ll also include a 3D mattress model to show where exactly most of the “activity” is taking place.

If this isn’t enough, the app also delivers specific bedtime analytics like an “Intensity and impact per minute” and “Speedometer” metrics.

That simply means you are not only tracking your partner’s infidelities, but also monitoring their performance. Wow!

This Smart Mattress, Not Another Woman, Can Be A Home Wrecker

So, you got a message on your phone and came home yelling at your partner, only to find out that your 6 years old son is jumping on your bouncy bed. And your “innocent” partner is doing the dishes. Great!!

Just ignore the privacy and trust issues that come along with this high-tech mattress. But, there’s a possibility that your bed might run out of batteries at the most inappropriate time, and you’ll be left with a generic, $1,750 spring-based mattress.

Well, if you want to buy it, then you’ve to wait because it’s still in the production process.

Also, if you want to take the affair-detection to the next level, then we like this YouTube user’s recommendation – “Add a remote-controlled taser.”

Only the time will tell, if the company is able to justify the mattress’ tagline “If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is.”

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