A guy landed a job at Google in a secret way

Every tech guy has a dream to get a job at Google because of the various benefits provided to its employees. Also, the search engine giant is well known for its love of puzzles and leaving little hidden secrets dotted around. Max Rosett solved one of the puzzles given by the search giant and landed a job at Google.

Hunting for a job? Why not try Google!

Max Rosett, the latest addition to Google’s team shared his recent recruitment experience on The Hustle and has revealed a surprising way by which he got a job at Google. Mr. Max said he was searching for a solution to a coding problem and when he entered his query “python lambda function list comprehension” into the search bar of Google, he was greeted with a response: “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?”

job At Google

After reading the above lines he expressed: “I stared at the screen. What? After a moment, I decided yes, I was most definitely up for a challenge.” After that he was led to, which is a programming test used by Google to discover candidates and was given a series of coding challenges to complete every couple of days.

He said: “I had the option to code in Python or Java. I set to work and solved the first problem in a couple hours. Each time I submitted a solution, tested my code against five hidden test cases.” After three months passing through the rest of the recruitment process by Google, Max Rosett got a job at Google.

job at Google

The test has been in the news for over a year, but Google has not yet confirmed the use of the test as a recruiting tool. After reading the experience of Max Rosett how he got a job at Google, every one of you must feel positive and can think of getting their dream job.

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