Google Container Engine comes out of beta and is available to all

Google Container Engine service has come out of beta and is available to all. It means developers will now be able to manage their containers on Google Cloud using Kubernetes.

Google Container Engine service is a cloud-based implementation of the Kubernetes open-source software and was first available in open alpha in November, 2014. Now this service is backed up by 99.5 percent Google service level agreement to guarantee the customers of its availability.

Craig McLuckie, Google Product Manager wrote in a blog post regarding Google Container Engine:

“Container Engine schedules your containers into your cluster and manages them automatically, based on requirements that you declare. Simply define your containers’ needs, such as the amount of CPU/memory to reserve, number of replicas, and keepalive policy, and Container Engine will actively ensure requirements are met.”

Google Container Engine
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He continued:

“Container Engine also makes application management easier. Your cluster is equipped with common capabilities, such as logging and container health checking, to give you insight into how your application is running.”

According to the product’s web page, customers will now be able to run basic clusters with up to five virtual machines for free and standard clusters with up to 100 Virtual Machines. If companies select Container Engine, they would not need to worry regarding setting up and maintaining a tool to organize the deployment of containers.

Now that Google Container Engine is accessible with an SLA, the search engine giant has better chances of competing with public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services. Google is also facing tough competition with other leading cloud service providers.

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