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Angry Birds 2, the first official sequel to the original game coming soon

We have been playing Angry Birds for more than 6 years and some of us has played Angry Birds as the first game on our first Android or iOS phones. Now, The Finland based Rovio Entertainment revealed the information that Angry Birds 2, the first official sequel to the original game is coming soon.

Angry Birds 2 launched 6 years after the release of original Angry Birds

The first Angry Birds game was launched worldwide in 2009 and was an instant hit due to its simple, easy to learn gameplay and has been downloaded more than 3 billion times. After the successful launch of the game, 14 different Angry Birds games were launched, including Star Wars, the Rio, kart-racing game Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Epic and some others. Angry Birds 2 is the first true sequel to be launched after the spin-off version of the game.

In March, The Finland based Rovio reported a revenue of $172.3 million for the year 2014, which was 9% down year over year. This year, Pekka Rantala, Nokia veteran took over as the CEO of Rovio Entertainment, replacing Mikael Hed.

Angry Birds 2 is the first official sequel to the original game. It has been six years since the original Angry Birds game was released and after that there have been a rake of spin-off games, plush toys, a film and even an amusement park. The sequel of the game will be released on July 30th and will be available on Android and iOS app stores. Rovio Entertainment is calling Angry Birds 2 the “the mother of all sequels.”

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