Apple Self Driving Cars may be tested in GoMentum Station

It has been reported by our sources that Apple Self Driving Cars are being tested somewhere in Silicon Valley. Project Titan is the Codename given to this secret project. Apple is said to be in search for a secure area in San Francisco Bay to put it to the test.

According to our sources, the company engineers of the Apple Self Driving Cars sat together with GoMentum Station (a 2,100-acre area, which was once a naval base near San Francisco) officers to convert it into a high-security trial park for autonomous vehicles.

Frank Fearon, an Apple engineer, wrote to GoMentum:

“We would like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using it.”

GoMentum Station is said to be the largest secured testing facility in the world, which is run by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority located in the East Bay. The companies like Honda and Mercedes-Benz have already carried out experiments with self-driving cars in this place.

Apple Self Driving Cars

This is for the first time that a plan of Apple Self Driving Cars has been documented and these reports have been obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request.

Randy Iwasaki, the owner of GoMentum station said the company has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Apple; hence no insights are available from that source.

It was hinted by Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice-president when he called the car “the ultimate mobile device” and had talked about the exploration of several markets to make a big difference.

Moreover, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO has held meetings with many car executives along with Sergio Marchionne of Fiat-Chrysler.

Apple Self Driving Cars may hit the roads in 2020 with engineers working on the project Titan in an anonymous office at the Sunnyvale nearby Cupertino campus, according to reports.

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