IBM introduces LinuxONE system: A new Linux-only mainframe server

IBM introduces LinuxONE system, which is aimed at both ends of the enterprise market. The LinuxONE Emperor is the server for large enterprises and Rockhopper is for mid-size businesses.

The new Linux-only mainframe server is “the world’s most advanced Linux system” and will be powered by the fastest processor in the industry so that it can handle the new application economy and hybrid cloud era.

IBM introduces LinuxONE system and according to the company, LinuxONE Emperor can scale up to 8,000 virtual machines or thousands of containers, which would be the maximum for any single Linux system. The Emperor system is based on IBM’s z13 mainframe computer, designed specifically for high-volume mobile transaction.

On the other hand, LinuxONE Rockhopper is created for the customers who want the security, speed and availability benefits of the mainframe but in a smaller package.

IBM introduces LinuxONE system and Kathryn Guarini, Vice President of z Systems Growth Initiatives said regarding it:

“This is all about collaborating with the community and providing those software capabilities that we believe our clients are looking for, and being able to that in a way that will inherit those mission-critical enterprise qualities of the platform. In all cases, they work seamlessly on the mainframe, with no need for special skills, so they can be used by application developers just as they would on other platforms.”

The LinuxONE Developer Cloud has also been created to act as a virtual R&D engine for creating, testing and piloting of emerging applications such as links to mobile apps, hybrid cloud apps and engagement systems.

IBM introduces LinuxONE system and said that it will work with open software such as Maria, Apache Spark, Chef and Posture. The company teamed up with Canonical Ltd to distribute its Ubuntu open source software on z systems and LinuxONE. Both the Emperor and the Rockhopper will be available from today.

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