Apple live TV streaming service launch postponed once again

Apple live TV streaming service launch postponed as negotiations with TV networks like Twenty-First Century Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC to license programming are not making any progress, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Apple live TV streaming service launch postponed, what can be the main reason for that?

The main reason that negotiations are not progressing is due to the issues related to the subscription charges for the service. Apple wants to give its subscribers a mini-bundle of select TV channels for nearly $40 per month, which is almost 50 percent of the normal cable bill. On the other hand, the TV networks want to get paid more than what they are getting from the present providers.

Apple live TV streaming service launch postponed and according to our sources, another reason for that is Apple does not have the bandwidth to stream local TV content countrywide fast and glitch-free. Also, the company is lacking content, which has led it to scrap plans to launch the service at a September 9 event.

In May, Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, said:

“TV is a hard problem to solve. One of the problems you have with a TV is you have a disparate system with a bunch of providers. There’s no standards. There’s a lot of rights issues.”

Earlier this month, the developers of the media-streaming dongle Matchstick declared that the company is cancelling the launch of its unreleased product due to the high cost of securing content deals.

Apple live TV streaming service launch postponed, but the California-based company is still planning to launch a more powerful version of its Apple TV set-top box at the event along with new iPad and iPhone. It is now expected that live TV service will be launched in 2016.

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