Aurora Borealis Dazzled The Night Sky Due To Severe Solar Storm

The Aurora Borealis, also called Northern Lights dazzled the sky over the northern hemisphere on Monday night, putting on an amazing show for those staying up to watch. The Northern lights in particular were caused due to Severe Solar Storm , similar to the event that occurred earlier in March.

The most sparkling scenes took place farther north, near the border between the Canada and United States, where the aurora borealis was easily seen with the naked eye. The northern lights were able to be seen as far south as Virginia , much further than they are usually able to be seen.

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But, the Midwest was not as lucky as severe storms over the region caused flooding and clouds were also spread over the region, blocking the dazzling view of the Northern Lights. Some portions of Ireland and UK also got a glimpse of the aurora borealis.

The aurora borealis are caused when the charged particles from the Sun interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field and produces a rainbow of colors. The charged particles from the sun excite neutrally charged particles in the Earth’s atmosphere that glow green, purple, red and other dazzling colors which depends on the particles in the atmosphere.

The Space Weather Prediction Center stated that the northern lights or aurora borealis might hit the Earth again on Wednesday at about 10 p.m. PDT and until Thursday to some parts of North America which can cause fluctuations in the power grid and GPS.

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