Betting on the Super Bowl

superbowl bettingSports betting is huge, so there are many, many places the determined gambler can go to bet on the Super Bowl. Not all of that betting is legal, but gamblers have plenty of legal options. This article offers an overview of where you, the sports better, can place your bet on pro football’s biggest game. Whether you only care about the final score or want to bet on other aspects of the game, there are real-world and online venues to serve you.

Only a few places in the United States have legal gambling. Some of those locales will also have sports betting. In addition to routine bets on football, baseball, or basketball, gamblers place their super bowl bets there. If you plan to be in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl, you can count on many of the casinos wanting to take your bet. Do a little online searching to see which casinos take in-person bets on the game, go there, and place a bet. Most likely, you will be making a straight bet on the outcome and point spread, Chargers by 10 points or whatever.

You can check the latest odds on the two contenders at, where they also offer lines on other games and sports. In the likely event you won’t be in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, many Web sites offer betting and sports information.

Online Gambling:
Naturally, many companies stand to profit from the big game and look forward to the Super Bowl. Now that people have the option to bet online, the competition for your attention and money just got even greater, and whether this is legal where you live is another matter. If you aren’t legally able to gamble or don’t want to risk real money, there are probably sites that let you place pretend bets on the Super Bowl and other games. That’s a fun way to test yourself against other sports fans, but many fans and professional gamblers want to play for real.

Some sites at least promise legal betting for people living in the United States. Three of those legal sites are BOVADA, MyBookie, and BetOnline. Those sites typically support many types of bets, like action points and round robin. If you don’t know what those are or what might apply to the Super Bowl, it doesn’t matter. You can just stick with betting on which team will win.

Plenty of Gambling Options:
Whether you prefer to do your sports betting online or in person, there are bound to be legal options you will like. Most casinos and many betting Web sites are taking wagers on the game. It is, after all, one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

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