BlackBerry will no longer charge for BBM privacy features

BlackBerry used to charge $1 per month for some key BBM privacy features like retract and Timer. But now, the Canadian company is offering these privacy features for free with the updated BBM app for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices.

It has happened to me many times that I send messages to the wrong person. Now, with the Retract feature of the updated BBM app, people like me will be able to rescind messages and photos they sent to the wrong person by mistake. This privacy feature is also handy when you don’t want any message to be accessible by a certain recipient.

Timer is also one of the BBM privacy features that are now available for free. This feature will let you control over how long your contacts can view location information, shared messages or pictures.

BlackBerry will no longer charge for BBM privacy features
Retract and Timer feature are now available for free

Matthew Talbot, SVP of BBM at BlackBerry, said:

“Building on the renowned immediacy, reliability, and security inherent to BBM, the new release provides unmatched level of privacy and control to BBM users without any subscription fees. Keeping control over the messages and content that they share, BBM users can be ensured that what they share is always theirs to control.”

In addition to Retract and Timer, the latest BBM update will let you access features like Edit and Private Chat. The Edit feature will let you rewrite messages you’ve sent to a contact. Private Chat will let you remove your avatar and name from the chat window. Now, you’ll also be able to forward messages from one chat to another.

BBM Voice call quality has been improved for Android and iOS users. BBM will now also support Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) to attract new users. You’ll also be able to save pictures taken during BBM chat to your smartphone.

Download the latest BBM app for your Android, BlackBerry 10 or iOS smartphone to enjoy the BBM privacy features for free.

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