Google and Acer launched Chromebase for meetings

Acer, the Taiwanese company is the world’s leading Chromebook brand. It has now teamed up with Google to launch Chromebase for meetings, which is an all-in-one system dedicated for video-conferencing.

Chromebase for meetings
Acer’s Chromebase

Specs of Chromebase for meetings

Chromebase for meetings features a 24-inch full HD (1920×1080 resolution) touchscreen with an integrated HD webcam, four-mic array and two speakers for use during conferences. It’s powered by Intel Celeron 3215U dual-core processor and has 4GB RAM.

Acer’s Chromebase comes with a 16GB of solid-state storage and 802.11ac Wifi adapter. It has three USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port and one headphone jack.

It can host video conferences for up to 25 people using Google Hangouts across multiple platforms, from laptops to smartphones and tablets. Guest account support in the Chromebase makes it simple for a person to join a meeting even without a Google account. He or she just needs to click a meeting link invitation and it’ll be done.

Vidya Nagarajan, Senior Product Manager at Chrome for Work said in a blog post:

“Chromebase for meetings gets technology out of the way; just plug it in, connect it to your network and you’re up and running securely. Chromebase for meetings is ideally suited for capturing audio and video in personal and shared workspaces.”

All the data stored in the device will be encrypted and secured by the integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 chip and the Verified Boot technology that runs whenever the device is booted. It also comes with Google’s remote fleet management tools, which IT Administrators can use to troubleshoot video or audio quality and some other issues.

Price of Acer’s Chromebase

The Taiwanese tech giant said that the Chromebase for meetings will receive automatic updates every six weeks to ensure that it stays secure. It’ll be available at $799 in the US, which includes the first year’s $250 management and support fee. Acer’s Chromebase is also available for people in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

In a special deal, Acer is offering businesses to try two Chromebase for meetings devices at no cost for a month and receive special promotional pricing of $549 per device, including the first year’s management and support fee.

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