Cap your Teens’ Use of Smartphone with Cell Phone Parental Control App

On average, teens spend more than 3.5 hours a day on their smartphone. They neglect their studies, social surroundings, family and what not. They not only cut themselves from the outside real world but shut themselves in the walls of their room and get disconnected from their parents even.

Cell Phone Parental Control App
Cell Phone Parental Control App

To cap their smart use, parents now take the assistance of cell phone parental controls. There are many apps that let parents take control over their teens device use such as FamilyTime.

What is the app all about?

FamilyTime is a cell phone parental control app which not only allows you to monitor your teens online and offline life but also keeps you connected to them 24/7. This all become possible with the wide-ranging feature list of the app that help parents with:

1. Web History Monitoring:

You can monitor your child’s complete web-history, along with bookmarks.

2. Installed Apps Monitoring:

You can view the complete list of apps installed in their phone/tab.

3. Tracking App Usage Frequency:

Check their app usage frequency to view the time spent on each app.

4. Mirroring Saved Contacts:

You can look at all the contacts saved in their phones just the way they appear on your kids phone/tab, along with additional details saved i.e. birthday, email, address, etc.

android monitoring app imageIn addition to monitoring, the app enables you to:

5. Blacklist Apps:

After you go through the apps installed on your kid’s phone, you can Blacklist any app you find inappropriate for them.

6. Watchlist Contacts:

Using the cell phone parental control app, you can also  suspicious contacts it to receive alerts every time a contact is made from any side.

7. Remotely Lock Phone:

You can remotely lock their phone from your Dashboard to reduce their screen time. This feature can also be used in case of phone theft to safeguard the personal data in it.

This is not all, there are many other helpful features that help parents monitor their teens digitally and keep tabs on their activities in the real time. To get your hands onto this app, download it from your app store or simply click the button given below:




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