Romance Author Emily Kendricks Releases Her Debut Novel: The Fantasy Maker

An erotic escape about the everyday woman, finally giving in to her inhibitions—with some twists and turns along the way.

NATIONWIDE, April 11, 2015—Romance is still alive, if not in real life, then certainly between the pages of erotic fantasy novels. While all works of fiction transport readers to another world, romance novels provide readers with a spark of inspiration—and even an outlet to fulfill their fantasies.

In her debut novel The Fantasy Maker, author Emily Kendricks writes of a relatable everyday woman—Emma. Emma’s husband has recently been elected mayor of the small town of Denton, Texas. She is a loving mother and a loving wife, but Emma is a woman—whose well-intentioned husband simply can’t, or won’t, fulfill her intimate desires.

In an effort to alleviate her sexual frustrations, Emma’s friend introduces her to a ‘members only’ club The Ranch—where pleasure is the main attraction for the wives of Denton’s rich and powerful. What begins as pampering full-body massages and mani-pedis, transitions into tantalizing pleasures beyond Emma’s wildest dreams.

“Just because a woman is in love and happily married, does not mean that her sexual desires are being fulfilled,” said Kendricks, “This isn’t to say that the intimacy isn’t meaningful, just that it may be lacking.”

Being the wife of Texas’s most promising young politician, Emma is at risk for exposure. In an unexpected turn of events, Emma’s new found pleasure becomes a secret that could destroy both her marriage—and her husband’s career.

“What I really enjoyed about this erotic novel, is that it isn’t just fluff. Yes, it gives you the steamy scenes you crave, but it also provides you with a solid plot, and a character you can relate to. Emma could be me.”  Kerry Ferguson (5 stars)

“This little novel took me from one emotional extreme to another as I followed Emma’s emotions on each page. I was fascinated with the erotic charge supplied by the new friend she made at the ranch and eagerly finished each chapter to see where the author would lead us.” S. Foster – Goodreads (5 stars)

Emily Kendricks is a Penn State graduate with a degree in Law Enforcement. Combine that with her love of both romance and crime novels, and she has found a way to balance erotic fantasy with suspenseful storylines. She calls New York City home, and her debut novel The Fantasy Maker is available on Kindle, Nook or paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

Emily Kendricks, 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite D56, New York, NY 10001


The Fantasy Maker
The Fantasy Maker
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