What Is the Major Flaw of Samsung Galaxy S5?

What Is the Major Flaw of Samsung Galaxy S5?

Some people think that some gadgets, including the overwhelming Samsung Galaxy S5 is already perfect. However, the truth is that all devices, whatever the brand is, are nothing close to perfection. There are still a lot of rooms for improvements.

This forthcoming RSA San Francisco to be held in San Francisco, California, a certain team of researchers will discuss about the security-related flaws of Samsung Galaxy S5. These flaws are said to allow unauthorized parties to gain access to the device.

With these flaws, it is possible for unauthorized parties to steal some of the user’s important information. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5, you must be worried about your privacy and security now.

According to Yulong Zhang and Tao Wei, who are from FireEye security firm, it is possible for other people to steal biometric data, which include your fingerprints, from several Android devices, such as Galaxy S5, before the data reaches the encrypted area.

Are you now thinking of disposing your Samsung Galaxy S5 after hearing its major flaw? Well, you do not have to. There is an effective way to solve this problem. All you need to do is to update your software to Android Lollipop 5.0 or above to make your biometric data safe. It is because this kind of flaw is not present to those software updates.

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