European Commission to Set Antitrust Charges vs. Google

European Commission to Set Antitrust Charges vs. Google

Antitrust charges are set for announcement by the European Commission against Google.  The action is said to outline the accusations by the commission about the said unfair activities of the tech giant to oust its competitors.

According to multiple reports, the EC is going to slap Google with an antitrust complaint, something said to change the way that the technology company will operate in the European Union, on Wednesday.

As reported by the Financial Times and the New York Times, respectively on Tuesday, the rumor has been ongoing for a couple of days as Margrethe Vestager attended the meeting held in Washington DC and New York and would force Google to reckon with the allegations that it has used its own products to favor its services versus its competitors.

Both Vestager and Joaquín Almunia, her predecessor, were pressured by the EU and tech concerns in the US to check on Google’s activities on the continent. It is where its competition, including Microsoft said that the tech giant has abused its power of having the 90 percent share on the market by using its search product in particular to promote its products and services. Part of it, other products, such as Google+ and its e-commerce sites are ranked higher in search even if they were not superior options, the company’s detractors said.

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