Apple Buys an Israel Image Technology Company

Apple Buys an Israel Image Technology Company

Apple bought LinX, according to reports, and the company has confirmed the same in a statement it made about the acquisition. An Apple spokesperson said that the company was buying smaller companies from time to time and that they weren’t usually discussing their plans and purposes.

According to some sources involved in the matter, the companies had been in discussion for an acquisition price of up to $20M.

About LinX: This Company is into developing and marketing miniature cameras for Smartphone and table by using a wide range of sensors for capturing multiple images and proprietary algorithms at the same time. It told that its products could gauge depths as well as make 3D image maps.

In an announcement last year, it said that its small camera modules could allow producing high quality pictures even in low light, produce faster exposure even at standard indoor settings and that they could offer single-lens-reflex camera quality of images even without the use of bulky devices.

More so, the company also claimed, according to its news releases, that their technology could open the way for features including automatic background removal, face recognition and 3D modeling object.

LinX was established in 2011, according to the registrar’s office of Israel and its co-founders and principal shareholders are industry veterans, including Andrey Tovchigrechko and Ziv Attar.

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