FAA has Approved Amazon’s Drones

Amazon Primeair Drone

The US Federal Aviation Administration has approved the amazon manufactured drones which are aimed to be used for deliveries. The FAA has Granted Amazon a certificate which will enable Amazon to receive a license to test their drone.

The drones are said to be used for deliveries and the requirements for drones to fly are at an altitude of 400 feet or a little below during daytime and they must remain in the sight of the pilot for safety reasons.

There is one problem, according to US law; It is illegal to fly a drone for commercial purposes. But FAA may revise these rules and are expected to release a new set of rules which may favor Amazon. The rules for operation of drones for commercial and recreational purposes may be completely revised.

Amazon has been waiting for the results since last year in July. Amazon had requested US regulators to approve their request. Amazon waited till December and then they released a statement that they will resume testing regardless of the result of the request made to the US regulator. Amazon said further that if their business model is not approved in the US than they will be forced to look at other options, which is to expand their research and development in this area in foreign countries. This statement was made by Paul Misener, the vice president of Amazons global public policy.

Similarly, Chinese giant Alibaba and Google are also on the same track and are building drones for delivery purposes.

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