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Moon Base Possible through Lava Tubes

Inside a Lava Tube

Scientists and theorists had come up with many ideas to open up a functional base on the moon but the issue of radiation outweighs the possibilities. Scientists have recently discovered lava tubes where a base could be safely constructed. In volcanic tubes are now considered to be safe and ideal sites for settling in.

Scientists are accessing the situation and are trying to figure out that how stable these tubes are, they are studying the features and they have discovered that the tubes which are at least 1 km in size could be ideal for human settlement. This new development has raised a lot of hope in the scientific community who have goals to overcome the challenges posed by the lunar environment.

The moon has a rougher environment that the earth. The moon has no atmosphere, this means that there is no protection from the radiation from the sun, there is no magnetic field and that is the reason why the moon has a higher rate of meteor impacts. The surface of the moon is not habitable because of meteor showers and extreme temperatures, during the course of a lunar day, the temperatures could vary by several 100 degrees.

The lava tubes is ideal place because this area is shielded from these dangers, it is expected that the lunar tunnels are much larger than the tunnel discovered on earth, this is because of the lower gravity factor, cave entrances called skylights are known to be the entrance to these tubes.

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