Facebook Messenger Now Open to Apps

Facebook Messanger Logo

With more than 600 million users, Facebook has now allowed third party apps to add their own functions to the messenger. Now the chat application is transforming into a platform of its own and more than 40 new add-on apps have already been developed. There is a risk that Messenger could get cluttered and users have complained before about having to switch between 2 apps. This drains their smartphone battery and takes time.

Mark Zuckerburg said that more than 600 million users are using the Messenger and he thinks that it’s a great platform which will make life more convenient. Facebook has also included VOIP and US based Facebook users can even send money to each other through the Messenger.

Facebook has plans of launching a service called Businesses o Messenger, this was revealed by Mark Zuckerburg, he said further that with this new service, businesses will be able to talk to their customers. Customers can ask questions about products/services or organize a return on a delivery order. This is Facebook’s first attempt to make a major platform like this.

Many experts think that Facebook should not add more services or add-ons to Messenger in a short period of time, caution is the key. There is a chance that messenger could become overloaded with too many features and that could distort Facebook from making Messenger an effective and popular platform because at the moment the messenger is giving the impression of being a gimmick.

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