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Pluto Belongs to Everyone: You can Name Parts of it

Pluto and Moons

Many scientists think that there is a chance that Pluto might bounce back in the “planet arena” this year. Pluto may get the good news by the end of this year and now the SETI institute has even better news for all Pluto fans: The most renowned features of Pluto can be named by the public.

SETI is inviting everyone to their “Our Pluto” Website, people can go on their website and vote on the selected names and they can also suggest new names for some of the most prominent features of Pluto itself and its Moon “Charon”.

SETI wants everyone to be involved in this voting and they believe that Pluto belongs to everyone and their feedback and suggestions will help SETI map this distant planet. This was explained by a scientist in a SETI release.

SETI has recommended that all the names should have a link with literature and methodology and also the history of space exploration. The deadline for submissions are till the 7th of April, after that, New Horizon crew will select the names by filtering through them but the final names will be selected by the International Astronomical Union.

The website for the campaign has a ballot which is simplified for younger people and also has a adult version, this is the same as in 2013 when Pluto’s moons were named Styx and Kerboros.

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