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Fallout Shelter for Android releasing next month and will be free to download

Bethesda launched Fallout Shelter for only iOS users at E3 2015; it is a mobile game where players have to manage their underground vaults in the aftermath of a disaster. Now there is some good news for Android users as Bethesda has announced Fallout Shelter for Android users which will be releasing next month.

Fallout Shelter had made nearly $5 million in two weeks of its release for iOS users. Another interesting fact about the game is that it is the fourth most downloaded games on iOS devices for June.

The mobile game is set in the world of Fallout, which envisions what a post-bomb drop society would look like after the technologically advanced Earth was turned to ash. The players have to manage their own post-apocalyptic Vault in the Fallout universe. It is the players’ job to make sure that the Vault Dwellers are healthy, happy and protected.

What will be new in the Fallout Shelter for Android?

Along with the release of Fallout Shelter for Android, the game will come with updates for both iOS and Android users, which includes new creatures like Molerats, Deathclaws and Mr. Handy as a premium reward.
Mr. Handy will have the ability to gather resources from your vault and send to collect loot out in the wasteland. You will also be able to use him to defend your vault dwellers against creature infestations and invasions.

Fallout Shelter for Android will be released on August 13th and will be free to download. In addition to Shelter, Fallout anthology collection of five Fallout games will be launched in September and Fallout 4 will be released on November 10th.

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