Fender’s New In-Ear-Monitors can be Your Go-to Headphones

After rocking musicians for 70 years with its amps and guitars, Fender today released a range of headphones that double as in-ear monitors for performers – its first general consumer product.

What is so special about Fender’s new in-ear-monitors?

The audio expertise which made Fender a legend in instruments shines through in the IEMs. They make you feel like the singer is singing in your head.

The hand-assembled titanium housings are designed to fit 90% of people’s ear shapes to block any external noise.

They’re specially designed to handle the beatings doled out by musicians who want to use them as replacements to traditional amplified stage monitors that let them hear themselves and their bandmates.

The non-slip thermoplastic elastomer bud tips and over-ear hooks of the headphones keep them in place, and you can also detach the cables that can be replaced if you feel the need of it.

What is our take?

The headphones sound incredible as the highs are crisp, the mids are pleasant and the bass is punchy.

You can move around, chew gum, yawn, or carry on a conversation without them falling out. They’re also comfortable to wear for long durations.

The twisted, detachable cable is lightweight, but it doesn’t have an in-line remote or microphone. This is fine if you’re using them on stage, but it’s frustrating when you are using them with your phone and a call comes in.

In Brief

Fender’s New In-Ear-Monitors can be Your Go-to Headphones
Fender’s New In-Ear-Monitors can be Your Go-to Headphones

These headphones are a great way for Fender to become a much bigger company, which doesn’t have an equivalent.

Fender’s new In-Ear Monitor line ranges from $99 to $499 which is too much for a commoner.

Now the question arises whether Fender will be able to transfer its trust to a new product line, and convince the average consumer that these headphones aren’t just for pros.

Well, we’ll get to know about it soon.

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