Flattr Plus – A New Payment Tool to Let Users Donate Money to Websites

Adblock Plus and Flattr has announced Flattr Plus, a payment tool for users to automatically contribute real money in exchange for what they listen to, read, and watch on the Web.

You can sign up for it now, but the beta will start rolling out early in the summer with a first stable release slated for the end of 2016.

Adblock Plus is an ad blocking tool which debuted in 2006 and has over 500 million downloads.

Sweden-based content-funding startup Flattr is a content-funding tool which lets people donate real money to show their appreciation for what they consume online, debuted in March 2010.

How is Flattr Plus different from Flattr?

Flattr requires you to manually hit a button to contribute money for an article, song, video, game etc.

But at Flattr Plus, you’ve to set a monthly budget for all the content you consume.

In Flattr Plus, Publishers will not be charged anything.
In Flattr Plus, Publishers will not be charged anything.

Then, it uses an algorithm to automatically divide and allocate your budget on the basis of the websites, which you visited the most during that month.

You have the option of overriding this if you feel the need of increasing or decreasing your budget, or want to give a specific site a larger percentage and so on.

How will Adblock Plus and Flattr benefit from it?

Currently, Flattr makes money by charging a 10% transaction fee.

Flattr Plus will also take the same cut, though Adblock Plus head of operations Ben Williams said in a blog post that both companies are open to decreasing the percentage.

How will Adblock Plus and Flattr benefit from Flattr Plus?
How will Adblock Plus and Flattr benefit from Flattr Plus?

The remaining revenue will be divided and given to the publishers on the basis of websites users.

By the end of the year, this program will be available to all Adblock Plus users. Publishers and website owners will be required to sign up with Flattr in order to receive payments.

Also, Publishers will not be charged anything, which means users are the ones paying the fee.

Winding up

Those sites who choose to avoid ads can recoup some revenue from visitors with Flattr Plus by allowing the users to pay websites for content.

Therefore, the Publisher should keep in mind that if he doesn’t sign up, the money will not leave the user’s pocket.

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